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There's lots of Mass Effect, Achievement Hunter, and misc games here. Personal stuff here and then, but ye.

my trackpad has decided to rid itself of its demons today and works ???

well the right click is still fucked up but you know I’m not complaining. using a tablet + pen to use my laptop sucks.

as long as this messed up piece of junk works for a few more months we’ll be golden. i still wanna know why it decided to just suddenly stop working, then suddenly start working again lol

i’ve done like three versions of this one picture and I’m just not happy with any of them cries why


oops I attempted an art

my best friend does the prettiest art look at it omg
i rEALLY like the coloured outlines & paws. teach me how to paws

woah mini art dump 

some of these are v old, but i feel like i should post them all together haha

UHHH the last one is a sneak peek WIP shot of a commission. I just need to add flowers to the lines then I can get on with colouring + shading! V excited, I like doing night scenes


Riena (Blasphemy)

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The trackpad on my Mac started spazzing out an hour before I went to work. Now im here and I just want to be at home trying to fix it. At least my tablet mouse still works ? I mean if worst comes to worst and my touchpad is pooched. ):

Has anyone else had touchpad problems? It just goes mental spazzing around the screen and opening programs & the launch pad on its own, I started getting USB issues at around the same time, pop ups saying the installation was bad, people on Apple support said to do this reset thing.

It was bad to the point where I couldn’t use it at all but after a reset it calmed down. It still pressed things on its own but it doesn’t swipe to the dashboard on its own anymore. Like it’s tolerable but still p annoying lol

I’m running on Lion and was in the process of slowly downloading Mavericks if that helps any.

Please don’t send me shitty jokes about it being my own fault for having a Mac. I only bought one because every windows desktop/laptop I’ve had went to shit faster than I was able to afford new computers. Maybe me and computers just were not meant to be lol

guess who finally caught up on all the things they needed to do and has the night off to draw their last commission

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