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the ends of the earth
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There's lots of Mass Effect, Achievement Hunter, and misc games here. Personal stuff here and then, but ye.

Today is a bad day

ponies as babs

the cain one is a bit older
im unsure of how i want to draw tiny pony faces

I’m home!! i spent an extra night + day in the touristy part of toronto, that was p cool.

i don’t think I’ve ever been this sad to be at my desk again. >:

expect art i guess? i’m in a drawing mood

There’s my plane !! This is happening lol. I’m boarding in 10 mins so I’ll see all you guys on August 19th

Remember to breath, mate. Everything is going to be fine ^_^
; 0 ; thank you I’m just really nervous about going through American security haha

I’m at the airport and I’m so nervous omg oMG just an hour and a bit !!

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Track: Blow
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[I wanted to take a break from commissions so… Here’s some CainxTwisted for ya. xP]

they’re v cute omg


the struggle between the urge to make an asshole post and the rational part of your brain telling you to just let it go

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